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Vi Subversa Poison Girls


frequent updates will be posted here

Vinyl releases now available 1st October 2014
Vinyl releases. More info (links), 30th July 2014
Coming soon. For the first time in 30 odd years, the 12" ep  'HEX' and the album 'Chappaquiddick Bridge' will be available on vinyl (announced 28th July 2014)
Poisongirlfriends Forum launched, 14th June 2012
Lance d'Boyle is on FaceF*ck, 3rd June 2012
Real Woman video added to the music page, 30th May 2012
Impossible Dream Issue 1 pages added 30th November 2011
Impossible Dream
pages added 9th May 2011
Pete Fender (bass 1978, 1984, et al) pic added to the end of the pics Gallery 3

Poison Girls back catalogue now available for Download, 1st February 2011
The Myths & Legends added 8th December 2010
Lots more pics added 29th November 2010

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