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vi subversa - what a life

Vi Subversa Poison Girls


Vinyl releases:

Persons Unknown  Chappaquiddick Bridge  Hex

Where's The Pleasure

‘Where’s The Pleasure’
12” vinyl re-released soon on Water Wing Records

The re release of Poison Girls album Where's The Pleaure,
on Water Wing Records, planned for later in the year.

First released in on Poison Girls own Xntrix Records in September1982 ‘Where’s The Pleasure’ was described by Johnny Waller in ‘Sounds’ as “The last great punk record”.

The record came out of a period of change for Poison Girls. A new physical, emotional, and musical environment, led to a fresh set of songs, and with it a determination to challenge both their own and their audiences’ expectations.

What resulted is an outstanding body of work. Vi Subversa’s lyrics seamlessly make the personal political, and the political relevant to everyday life. The music bristles with inventiveness. What we hear is a band at the top of their game, exploring different styles and enjoying themselves in the process. It is Poison Girls flexing their musical muscles, rediscovering their roots, and connecting with the true spirit of punk, which is of course ‘unbridled, messy and adventurous creativity’.

Where’s The Pleasure’ is a truly wonderful achievement by a truly unique band.


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Poison Girls can also be found on Facebook via: Lance dBoyle, who has been forced, by Facebook to change the name to, Gary Lance Robins

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